Does the environment mean a lot to you? So does it to us!

98bar speaks up for sustainability. We recycle sails, which aren’t used anymore, to fashionable bags which serve as an alternative to bags out of single use plastic. With this we stand up against the increasing and unnecessary usage of plastic, often in a one-way mode. This is important, because plastic waste leads to excessive environmental pollution, especially in our oceans.
Pollution by plastic waste harms the marine life most. The animals of the ocean share the same rights for decent and fair living conditions, just as we do. In order to specially point out to those animals we print them on our bags.
Due to our commitment to our earth, we engage ourselves in the production and sales of our bags and in spreading our message. In order, to increase the sustainability  of our product idea, we partnered up with OceanCare ( a Swiss non-profit-organization and special consultant of the United Nations.
In our private life we pay attention to reduce our waste and to dispose the unavoidable waste as ecological as possible. Simple tricks like recycling PET bottles, go shopping in unpackaged shops or reuse all kinds of materials can help reducing the consumption of single use plastic substantially.
Everyone can add those things to his/her daily routine without a lot of extra effort. Thus, everyone can easily do something beneficial for our environment.
With our #carryingourfuture campaign we appeal to the general public to do something against the pollution of plastic and to do something for a better world and a better future.